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    Luke Bowman

    His interest in public transport was created at a very young age, with 'red' buses and 'green' buses trundling along the old 184/365 route. He grew up on old Mercedes-Benz O405s on his local route until 2005 when the dawn of the low-floor Wrightbus Eclipse Urban bodied Volvo saloons began on First's new Overground network. From day one he enjoyed the Urbans thoroughly. His interest in trains also grew at the same time, with Pacers bouncing along the now closed 'Oldham Loop' and the dawn of the Class 185 'Desiros' back in the mid-2000s. He has a particular interest in the Eclipse range that Wrightbus offered back in the 2000s, with Volvo B9TLs being his favourite. He still enjoys the memories of the much older Olympians and step-entrance buses whenever he is given the chance to ride them.

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