Drivers Help Keep Manchester Moving after Stalybridge Fire

Drivers Help Keep Manchester Moving after Stalybridge Fire
63 Stagecoach Manchester bus drivers have been thanked for their swift response after a local fire.Tom Harrison

Sixty-three bus drivers from across Stagecoach Manchester depot have been thanked for their quick response in helping to keep the city moving after the fire at Stalybridge’s Ray Mill over the weekend.

Despite the depot being closed for two days, as a result of the massive fire, the drivers each came in on Sunday from their day off at less than an hour’s notice to help move the buses out of the depot to alternative locations at Hyde Road and Ashton Moss (Metrolink Park & Ride).

Elisabeth Tasker, Stagecoach Manchester managing director, said: “Thankfully no one was hurt in the fire and the emergency services have done a phenomenal job in bringing the blaze under control.

“I’d like to thank the response shown by our drivers too, who were all off shift, when they reacted quickly to help us move a convoy of vehicles away from the site.

“Without their help, we would’ve been unable to operate our services to the same level today, but thankfully, all of our operations are running as planned and people are able to travel around Greater Manchester via bus as a result.”

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