Arriva marks milestone for Green Transport Scheme

Arriva marks milestone for Green Transport Scheme

Arriva’s national partnership with the UK’s leading car recycling scheme, Trade Your Transport, has reached its 100th transaction.

The scheme, which is run by Cartakeback, the largest scrap car recycling network in the UK, incentivises people to cash in their car and earn rewards which will help give better access to more affordable, greener transportation.

For its part in the initiative, Arriva offers those opting to scrap their car the chance to claim free 4-weekly tickets which are worth much more than the scrap value of a car alone.

David Shadbolt from Arriva commented: “The fact that 100 people have chosen to take up this innovative scheme really does showcase that there is beginning to be a real shift in perception about the freedom, accessibility and importantly affordability that bus travel can provide.”

At Arriva, we are we are committed to providing a viable alternative for car users, even if just for a few journeys a week, as it really does help to reduce pollution and congestion in towns and city centres. We are pleased that by supporting Trade Your Transport we will have gone some way to achieving this goal.”

The 100th person to scrap their car was 49 year old Daniel Owens from Merseyside. He said of his decision to take-up the scheme: “I work in the town centre and a friend of mine said it would be quicker and cheaper to get the bus. I had a minimum of a 10 minute walk from the car park, while the bus drops me off on the street I work in.

“When the time came to scrap my old car it made sense to get a bus ticket from Arriva, as I wouldn’t have got the equivalent value from the scrap yard. I now get to work faster and more affordably.”

To find out more about Trade Your Transport visit

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