Driving Examiner Retires after 42 Years of Service

Driving Examiner Retires after 42 Years of Service
John Kevill who is retiring from service after 42 years with Stagecoach Manchester.Stagecoach Manchester

Stagecoach Manchester driving examiner, John Kevill, is hanging up his clipboard and retiring on the 31st March, having worked in the bus industry for 42 years.

Tameside resident, John, first began working in the industry as a bus conductor for Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive in 1975, before becoming a fully qualified driver a year later.

In 1978, John progressed to become a driving instructor, a role he held throughout GMPTE’s transition into GM Buses in 1986, before taking up a new position as the company’s driving examiner in 1991 – a job he has held ever since.

Throughout his time in the industry, John experienced the transition of bus deregulation in 1986 as well as the acquisition of GM Buses by Stagecoach in 1996. John, who holds Advanced Driver status for cars, PCV and LGV and is a keen road safety practitioner and will be retiring on the same day as his wife Maureen, who has worked in the banking sector for over 40 years.

Speaking about his retirement, John said: “I’ve been fortunate enough to spend over four decades in an industry which rapidly became part of my life and has helped to support my family for all these years. I also believe that a strong work/life balance is essential for success.”

“Now that I’m retiring, I look forward to spending more time with my family and intend to spend more time focusing on two things that I’m passionate about – photography and music; especially my Frank Sinatra tribute. One thing is for certain, whatever I did then and whatever I do now, I’ll be doing it my way”

Stagecoach Manchester managing director, Elisabeth Tasker said: “John has demonstrated a tremendous amount of dedication, loyalty and commitment to not just Stagecoach Manchester but the bus industry as a whole throughout the last 42 years and has helped us to establish a reputation as one of the country’s leading bus operators. From everyone at Stagecoach Manchester, we wish John a very happy retirement.”

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