Proposed Bus Interchange for Chester City Centre

Proposed Bus Interchange for Chester City Centre
The proposed new Chester bus interchange at Gorse Stacks.Cheshire West and Chester Council

The vision of Chester’s new £10 million pound grass-roofed bus station has been unveiled to make way for the long-awaited £300m Northgate Development. 

Gorse Stacks car park is Cheshire West and Chester Council’s preferred location for the u-shaped interchange which would come complete with nine internal stands and four on George Street as a replacement for the current exchange which is earmarked for the retail scheme.

The transport vision also includes a free ‘shopper hopper’ bus – possibly electric, hybrid or low pollution – circling the city in an anti-clockwise direction with strong links between the railway station and the new bus exchange, which will feature real-time bus information screens and may also include charging points for electric bicycles.

The concept scheme proposals and feasibility study into plans for the new Bus Interchange for Chester at the Council’s preferred location at Gorse Stacks have recently been completed by Transport Consultants Mott Macdonald working with architects Austin Smith Lord.

The delivery of the new facility would bring a number of transport related benefits including, better integration between bus services and with the rail station, reduced delays and congestion and more consistent journey times, increased bus patronage and reduced single occupant private car use, improved air quality in key areas of the city and improved linkages to pedestrian and cycle routes along the Shropshire Union Canal.

Public Consultation on the Concept Scheme is now underway prior to the commissioning of detailed design development work. Gorse Stacks parking spaces would be replaced by the 355-space underground car park at the new Delamere Street building.

The relocation of Chester Bus Exchange to Gorse Stacks is planned for June 2016 to enable work to commence on the proposed Northgate Development.

Tom Harrison

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