Travel time keeps us social, say Arriva bus users in the North West

Whether it’s online, on email or even face-to-face, bus users in the North West are most likely to start getting social when they get onboard according to a recent survey conducted by Arriva Buses.

The survey, which aimed to find out more about people’s commuter habits, showed that 60 per cent of those surveyed by the bus company said they use their free-time whilst travelling to catch-up with friends and followers on social channels, whilst 58 per cent took the opportunity to check their emails.

However, perhaps most interestingly, was the interaction passengers frequently enjoyed with fellow travellers that they’d never met, with over half indulging in either a spot of eavesdropping or people watching, and 56 per cent admitting to helping out total strangers.

Mark Bosworth, regional marketing director, from Arriva North West, explained: “With free WiFi available on many of our buses, and 77 per cent of passengers using it regularly, we weren’t surprised to find out that people took the opportunity to go online and keep in touch with people during their journeys. But what we didn’t perhaps realise was the comradery people felt with their fellow commuters.

“39 per cent of those asked said they’ve managed put a smile on the face of someone they didn’t know, and 23 per cent have even made new friends, which just goes to show what a lovely sociable community we’ve built on our buses.”

Not having to worry about parking (48 per cent), and getting more time to themselves (42 per cent), were the main reasons people chose to travel by bus in the North West, whilst many also noted it gave them chance to appreciate their surroundings more (40 per cent), and was more affordable than alternative options (63 per cent).

The costs associated with fuelling a car and parking, along with traffic and complex inner-city road networks all ranked amongst the reasons to choose bus over car for frequent journeys.

“Bus travel is easier now than it ever has been before with our host of handy tools designed to make hopping on and off even more accessible,” continued Mark. “67 per cent of passengers we spoke to already used the Arriva Bus app or the webpage to plan journeys or check where their bus is, and 47 per cent chose to buy their tickets through our m-ticket app, all of which aids to make bus travel hassle-free, particularly in comparison to using the car, which can often prove stressful and costly.”

“With these tools at your fingertips, along with on-board features such as WiFi and comfier seating, there really has never been a better time to trial bus travel.”

For more information about the Arriva Bus app, m-ticket and local services, you can visit the Arriva Bus Website.

Tom Harrison

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