Here at The North West Bus Blog, we’re a friendly bunch of land, rail and sea enthusiasts with either a passion for photographing transport or posting transport related articles, not just from the North West but throughout theĀ UK.

Our articles are primarily focused on the current bus and coach scene in the two large conurbations of Merseyside and Greater Manchester, with feature posts from Cheshire, Cumbria, Lancashire and even further afield like London too.

The journey starts

It all started back in 2009 by Tom Harrison as The Merseyside Bus Blog, readership numbers grew substantially over the first two years, leading to the eventual decision of the expansion to cover a larger geographical area.

Improvements came in 2011, with the addition of social media pages. A new broader title was adopted for a wider audience. The biggest and best change? The introduction of contributing team members from all around the North West.

We're a dedicated bunch

We are dedicated to providing up to date blog posts located in one easy to read place. We don’t measure our success by the amount of noise we make. We believe that quality posts which are bursting with relevant information and high-quality photographs are, by far, more interesting.

Our blog posts are primarily focused on the current bus scene in the two large conurbations of Merseyside and Greater Manchester, with feature posts from elsewhere.


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Taking Photography Seriously

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On A Sidenote

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