Enhanced Frequency For Warrington’s Connect 17

Enhanced Frequency For Warrington’s Connect 17
A Connect 17 branded Warrington's Own Buses owned Optare Versa V1090 at Warrington Interchange.James Grundy

Warrington’s Own Buses has announced an upgrade for its cross-town Connect 17 route, improving services to Gemini Retail Park.

Connect 17 has benefitted from an enhanced frequency from Monday 26th November, with service 17 now operating between Westbrook and Gemini Retail Park every fifteen minutes on weekdays and Saturdays.

In 2013, Network Warrington updated their 17 service with half a dozen brand new Optare Versa midibuses, branding the route as Connect 17.

A dedicated two-tone turquoise and purple livery was designed for the upgraded route, with this scheduled to be updated to reflect the new Warrington’s Own Buses branding in the near future.

An artist impression of the updated Connect 17 branding. Warrington’s Own Buses

Warrington’s Own Buses’ managing director, Ben Wakerley, said: “Customers can now access the Odeon Cinema and shops at Westbrook and Ikea and M&S at Gemini with frequent buses.

“The short journey time means that it is easy to access the retail parks and the town centre by bus and Connect 17 buses accept cash, contactless and mobile phone payments.

“We want to encourage car users to leave the car at home and give the town’s bus service a go. These improvements simplify the network, with easy ways to pay and several ticket prices reduced this year.”

In other news, a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter demonstrator, registered BN17 JFX, arrived on 26th November 2018. At the time of writing, it is not known which route(s) it will be used on.

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