Network Warrington Supports Disability Awareness Day

Network Warrington Supports Disability Awareness Day
Network Warrington's YJ07 EZL sports a Warrington Disability Partnership livery.James Grundy

Network Warrington provided a free bus shuttle service for Disability Awareness Day on Sunday 16 July, with a half hourly direct service straight through to Walton Hall and Gardens.

The event, which is led by the Warrington Disability Partnership, has the aim to raise awareness of of the wide range of different services and apparatus available to support people with disabilities, as well as to showcase disabled friendly activities such as arts, entertainment and sport. This year’s event, which took place on Sunday 16th July, saw around 500 different exhibitors.

Now into its 26th year, Disability Awareness Day has become a very popular local event attracting attendees from all across the North West and beyond, and in 2006, the Warrington Disability Partnership received the Queens Award for Voluntary Services.

To support those wishing to attend the event, Network Warrington operated the free X99 shuttle service between Warrington Bus Interchange and Walton Hall Gardens from ten o’clock until the late afternoon on a half hourly frequency, with a Wright Eclipse 2 bodied Volvo B7RLE (84, DK09 ELW) used to operate the service.

I was pleased to see the service which I used to get to the event was very well utilised, and it also gave me an opportunity to sample a vehicle type not used in my local area.

Network Warrington also had an exhibit at the event, which consisted of a Wrightbus Cadet bodied VDL SB120LF (75, DK07 EZL), which sports a vinyl livery to promote the Warrington Disability Partnership.

Managing Director of Network Warrington, Ben Wakerley, said: “Disability Awareness Day is an important and highly anticipated occasion in Warrington’s annual calendar of events. I’m pleased to say that once again were are able to support the day with our free shuttle service, ensuring that passengers across the borough were able to get to Walton Hall and Gardens to enjoy the event.”

Next year’s Disability Awareness Event will be held in July 2018.

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