Seventeen Enviro400s For Stagecoach Merseyside

Seventeen Enviro400s For Stagecoach Merseyside
Stagecoach Merseyside and South Lancashire's 100th Alexander Dennis Enviro400 at Gillmoss.Rob Jones

Stagecoach Merseyside’s route 10A between Liverpool and St Helens has received a capacity boost in the form of seventeen new Alexander Dennis Enviro400 double decker buses.

In recent years, Stagecoach Merseyside and South Lancashire have introduced a large number of Alexander Dennis Enviro400s to boost capacity or upgrade routes across the North West, with the 10A Quality Bus Partnership service between Liverpool city centre and St Helens town centre being the latest route in Merseyside to receive investment.

Since 2016, Gillmoss depot has received a total of 82 brand new Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCs. The first 32 examples, which were delivered in two batches in mid 2016, upgraded routes 14A and 86/86C. Another 33 followed in early 2017, with services 20 and 21 between Liverpool and Kirkby being upgraded to double deck.

The latest batch consists of seventeen vehicles, their arrival seeing Gillmoss depot’s allocation become majority double deck for the first time under Stagecoach’s ownership.

As per the previous batches, these Enviro400 MMCs feature Stagecoach’s standard beachball livery, with interior features including complimentary WiFi and at-your-seat USB charging ports for tablets and mobile phones. One thing that is notably different internally is the specified Alexander Dennis SmartSeats as opposed to the usual Lazzerini Pratico seats.

Externally, this batch of Enviro400s is fitted with a larger rear destination screen compared to the previous two batches for Gillmoss.

Under the bonnet, these integral Enviro400s are powered by a Euro VI emissions compliant Cummins diesel engine and fitted with “Stop Start” technology, saving fuel by turning the vehicle’s engine off at bus stops and when waiting at traffic lights. The engine automatically restarts when the driver presses the accelerator pedal.

For those interested, the registrations and fleet numbers of the new buses are as follows:

SN18 KVF (11101), SN18 KVG (11102), SN18 KVH (11103), SK68 LVW (11104), SK68 LVX (11105), SK68 LVY (11106), SK68 LVZ (11107),  SK68 LWA (11108), SK68 LWC (11109), SK68 LWD (11110), SK68 LWG (11111), SK68 LWF (11112),  SK68 LWG (11113), SK68 LWH (11114), SK68 LWJ (11115),  SK68 LWL (11116) and SK68 LWM (11117).

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  • Paul
    23rd September 2018, 6:40 pm

    Caught one back from St Helens yesterday due to the failure of Northern trains to actually run trains and cancel my train 10 mins before departure, nice ride, despite the crap roads, and very fast WI FI,but with all Enviros upper floor, front seat passengers are subjected to huge noise from the dash mounted fan apertures.The stop start also worked well.The seats are extremely comfortable as well.




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