An Upgrade For Orford Bus Services

An Upgrade For Orford Bus Services
The launch event for "The Pops" at the Warrington and Vale Royal College.Network Warrington

Network Warrington services 20 and 21, which operate between Warrington Town Centre and Poplars Avenue in Orford have been enhanced, including an improved frequency, group travel tickets and dedicated route branded buses.

From Monday 18th September, “The Pops” services 20 and 21 now operate on an increased frequency of every ten minutes, which both increases the capacity on these routes and reduces the time passengers wait at the bus stop to start their journey, with passengers expected to wait an average of only five minutes at the stop during the day for their bus.

Passengers travelling on “The Pops” services can now benefit from a range of combined return tickets for those travelling in groups. The “Duo” allows two people to travel for £6, the “Trio”, three people for £8 and the “Quattro”, four people for £10.

The vehicles which are operating these routes, a batch of Wrightbus Eclipse 2 bodied Volvo B7RLEs dating from 2009, have been given an attractive external makeover. Network Warrington’s base red with cream swoop livery has been maintained, however, new vinyls have been applied on top to give “The Pops” buses a bright and distinctive look.

For those interested, the vehicles which have received “The Pops” branding at the time of writing are as follows: DK09 ELW (84), DK09 ELV (85), DK09 ELO (87), DK09 ELH (88), DK09 EMF (91), DK09 EMV (92) and DK09 ENC (94).

Network Warrington’s managing director, Ben Wakerley, said: “We’re delighted to unveil the new-look Pops service, which will make it easier for our customers to get around Orford and its associated stops. I am also pleased to introduce more reduced fares in the town, building on our other recent reductions, including the Dallam Discount”

“Oh average there will only be a five minute wait at stops and the new group fares will provide superb value. Our customers frequently offer up suggestions on how we can improve our service and we’ve listened to feedback about ticket prices on the bus route”

In addition to this upgrade on the “The Pops” services, Network Warrington previously introduced the “Dallam Discounts”, with passengers on services 16 and 16A between Warrington Interchange and Dallam also benefiting from reduced fares.


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  • Mortie
    September 24, 2017, 7:50 pm

    Aren’t Fairbrother’s only on one small section of one of those routes though? The new buses look good

  • Mark Smith
    September 23, 2017, 6:51 pm

    They are only doing this to rob all the business from Fairbrothers. Competition never hurt anyone but they just want them out. I support Fairbrothers all the way


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