A Slight Price Increase for System One Travelcards

A Slight Price Increase for System One Travelcards
A range of System One Travelcards can be loaded on to get me there or other ITSO smart cards.oomph

Greater Manchester’s popular travelcards for bus, train and tram travel across Greater Manchester will be going up in price from the 5th January 2020. The price of most 1-day, 7-day or 28-day ticket segments is increasing by 20 to 30 pence.

The price for an AnyBus 1-day ticket in December 2019 costs £5.80 but from January that will increase to £6.00. The off-peak AnyBus & Tram 1-day ticket increases from £7.30 to £7.50. The off-peak AnyBus, Tram and Train 1-day ticket will increase by 30 pence, from £9.70 to £10.00. There will also be changes to peak time prices and to seven, twenty-eight day and annual prices.

Despite the price increase, System One travelcard’s still offer tremendous value if you’re visiting Greater Manchester and need a Travelcard you can use on more than one bus company, or any combination of bus, train and tram, then you need a System One travelcard – that’s any operator, anywhere in Manchester, as many times as you like!

Available for one, seven and twenty-eight days and even annually, the various travelcard options allow you to use public transport throughout Manchester with ease. They come in three distinct options. AnyBus for use on any participating bus company throughout Greater Manchester – which is almost all of them. AnyBus & Tram, which as the name suggests, is like the bus option but also includes journeys on the extensive Metrolink tram system. Lastly, there’s the AnyBus, Tram and Train option that lets you undertake multi-mode journeys on buses, trams and trains throughout Greater Manchester. See the System One website for full area boundaries and participating operators.

12 Ways to Use a System One

System One is the perfect way to get around Greater Manchester, allowing travel on multiple bus operators within the region without the hassle of purchasing multiple tickets for each company. This article covers 12 of the best routes worth riding with the travelcard – whether they be high spec, express or scenic routes – in order to extract the best value out of your AnyBus pass. 

External Website: ilhambusblog.webstarts.com

You can buy DaySavers from the bus driver, or weekly and monthly travelcards from PayPoint retailers or TfGM Travelshops such as Piccadilly Gardens or Shudehill Interchange. What’s more, the System One travelcards are also available on the ‘get me there‘ smartcard, and other compatible ITSO enabled smartcards such as the Merseytravel MetroCard, the Yorkshire Metro MCard and the Stagecoach Smartcard.

You can download the 2020 System One Travelcard Guide PDF with the full listing of prices at systemonetravel.co.uk.

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