Fairbrothers introduce budget travel in Warrington

Fairbrothers introduce budget travel in Warrington

The family run company of Fairbrothers in Warrington are to introduce two low-budget services in the Warrington area from the 8th August 2012.

The services will be marketed as high frequency (every 15 minutes in fact) and low fares of £1 for a single, which does make me wonder where we’ve seen this “£1 to town” branding before.

P380 DSA a Volvo B6LE with Alexander ALX200 body painted into the budget livery.
Photograph by Fairbrothers Coaches

The first service, route 1C will run from Warrington Bus Interchange to Westy via Whitley Avenue, whilst the second service, route 21H will run from Warrington Bus Interchange to Orford via Warrington Hospital and Dallam.

Fairbrothers have recently acquired four of these former McColl Volvo B6LE’s with Alexander ALX200 bodies for their new budget services which have seen a variety of work done to them, but more noticeably is the striking new yellow and blue livery which compliments these vehicles very well indeed in my opinion.

Network Warrington, the dominant municipal council operator also operates similar services within the Warrington area, so these services are effectively competing with the Network Warrington routes at a similar frequency and of cause a lower fare, for times of the service, head over to their site www.pound2town.com.

Tom Harrison

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