Four Optare Tempo Buses for Manchester Airport

Four Optare Tempo Buses for Manchester Airport
The three doored Optare Tempo is pictured on Ringway Road at Manchester Airport.Ian Hale

Manchester Airport Group has added four airport specification Optare Tempos to its fleet. Three of the buses feature two doors and one of the buses (pictured) has three doors to speed up boarding and alighting time.

The four Optare Tempo buses will be predominately used for the transportation of airport staff on both the external network and the airport roads.

All four are 12.5m Tempos with Mercedes OM906LA engines and Allison T310R transmissions and comply with Euro 5 emissions standards. The two-door vehicles seat up to 43 passengers and the three-door vehicle seats up to 29, all of which are fitted with luggage racks.

Hardik Modha, Head of Customer Transport at Manchester Airport Group, said, “We chose the Optare Tempo’s because of the size and space afforded to passengers on board, the triple door vehicle, in particular, makes boarding and alighting quick and easy and the specification of the vehicle which includes air conditioning is also excellent. We were very impressed with the flexibility that Optare were able to provide with regards to the seat layout and racking designs, and the quality of the communication with me and my team.”

Tim Matthews, Head of Sales at Optare, said, “I’m delighted to be supplying these new vehicles to Manchester Airport and continue our relationship with the team there.  The Tempo has proved very successful at Sydney Airport so I am pleased to see the vehicle is also ticking all the boxes for the same application in the UK.”

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