Ralph’s Roundup with Bullocks Coaches and Selwyns Travel

A gallery of the various buses at Bullocks Coaches and Selwyns Travel.Tom Harrison

We joined Bus Running Days on their first event of 2017, sampling the double deck fleet and visiting Bullocks Coaches of Cheadle and RATP Selwyns Travel of Sharston.

On Saturday 7th January 2017, we joined Bus Running Days for their very popular Ralph’s Roundup event. The event not only enabled enthusiasts to sample the double deck fleet of Bullocks Coaches of Cheadle, but that of RATP owned Selwyns Travel in nearby Sharston too.

The focus of the day was aimed at Bullocks Coaches’ double deck fleet which included former Hong Kong Leyland Olympian EW9757 which is now registered BUI 1484, former Lothian Volvo Olympian’s N405 GSX now registered HXZ 9781, P411 KSX now registered HXZ 9782 along with former Dublin Bus Volvo Olympian 99-D-462 now registered BUI 1133.

The day started at 10:30 outside Stockport railway station and we were promptly whisked away to the Bullocks depot in Cheadle onboard Volvo Olympian HXZ 9782. This gave enthusiasts the opportunity to photograph the current fleet as well as being able to use their toilet and drinks vending machine.

We then were invited to board Volvo Olympian HXZ 9781 to do one of many circular journeys around the local area, which included opportunities to photograph the buses wherever it was safe to do so. This was then followed by a trip on former Hong Kong Leyland Olympian BUI 1484 which served Manchester Airport before returning to the Cheadle depot. The next bus we sampled was former Dublin Bus Volvo Olympian BUI 1133 which took us back to Stockport railway station in case anyone did not want to sample the former Arriva London DAF DB250s and visit the Selwyns Travel depot.

A selection of former Arriva London DAF DB250LFs with Alexander ALX400 bodywork were chosen for the day, these from an extensive fleet consisting of; LJ03 MKA, LJ03 MKC, LJ03 MKD, LJ03 MKE, LJ03 MKF, LJ03 MKG, LJ03 MKK, LJ03 MKL, LJ03 MWE and LJ03 MWF. These were used in the afternoon for more circular trips, once we had sampled the Leyland and Volvo Olympians in the Bullocks fleet.

In the late afternoon, we had a short break at Stockport railway station at 15:00 where we awaited the arrival of a relatively new Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMC at 15:30. This was used to visit their depot in Sharston. In the interests of health and safety, all passengers on board were instructed to put on a high visibility vest before entering their premises. After a visit to their depot, we then boarded another ADL Enviro400 MMC to return to Stockport railway station to end the day.

We found this event to be of extremely good value, the fare was just £10 per person which was payable on the day and this gave access to two bus depots and various buses on the day. With that, we would like to thank the organisers as well as Bullocks Coaches and Selwyns Travel for facilitating such a day.

If you are interested in coming to one of these bus running days, check out the Bus Running Days website for their upcoming events.

Tom Harrison

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