The service that lasted just one week!

The service that lasted just one week!

On the 13th August 2012 Wirral independent operator Impera Bus & Coach started their new 30 service which runs between Liverpool’s Sir Thomas Street and Saughall Massie via Moreton Cross, Leasowe Station, Wallasey Village, Liscard Village and Liverpool together with one route running every half hour throughout the day and evening.

This service service compliments Impera’s already introduced service 39 which runs’s between New Brighton and West Kirby every 30 minutes throughout the day, and hourly in the evenings. However this service is subject to change from the 10th September when the evening service will be withdrawn and replaced with service 39A which will only run from New Brighton to Moreton Cross at evenings.

Impera Dennis Dart SLF KU02 YUH on Whitechapel Liverpool

It unfortunately appears that Impera have run into difficulties operating the service, firstly with the company apparently not having a sufficient number of drivers to be employed on the route but this was apparently later addressed, it was a quick rush to find drivers to start immediately.

Mark Steens from Impera Bus & Coach has said;

The route was never supposed to start, it was planned and registered by a former manager, and I had tried to cancel the registration but without success, thus giving Impera 10 days to find the additional staff to operate this service. We can only try our best but it is a true fact that our tendered operations must take priority over commercial operations. That is why the 30 service is currently disrupted I am doing my upmost to rectify this situation by employing more drivers.

As of Monday 20th August 2012 many journeys where noted not running, as have other bus enthusiasts in the area which have also noticed a considerable lack of service, however route 30 is officially due to be withdrawn from the 10th September 2012, but as Mark has said, the tendered operations with local PTE Merseytravel are a priority over their commercial operations.

Overall from personal experience from when I sampled the service on the first day of operation, Impera did their utmost like Mark says to provide a service at a difficult time, I rode on the pictured vehicle from Saughall Massie all the way to Liverpool city centre, throughout the driver was friendly and even trying to entice passengers that would normally use the Arriva Merseyside 407 service which runs from Town Meadow Lane in Moreton to Liverpool city centre to try the 30 service.

The number of passengers that boarded throughout the route was around ten with myself included, I feel if the service had in fact been better publicised like Impera had previously done with it’s commercial 39 service, then prehaps they may very well have gained passengers that would normally use other means of getting to and from Saughall Massie and through to Wallasey and even through to Liverpool.

Impera Dennis Dart SPD S365 ONL on Sir Thomas Street

I was however slightly disappointed in trying to board a 30 service from Sir Thomas Street in Liverpool, with more than two drivers not knowing which stop they where supposed to stop at on the street which saw one or two passengers to scuttle down the road flagging the vehicle down, secondly the service was advertised to arrive at Sir Thomas Street at 22 and 52 minutes past each hour however many journeys where departing at more than ten minutes after this, which was a terrible shame, although this isn’t always down to the operator itself, I sincerely hope Impera find their feet again soon and they can put this behind them.

Tom Harrison

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