Smart ticketing taking off in Greater Manchester

Smart ticketing taking off in Greater Manchester
The Get Me There ITSO Smart CardOomph

With get me there on-bus and the Metrolink ticketing app celebrating their first birthday, thousands of people a day are now using smart technology to make their journeys easier throughout Greater Manchester.

Greater Manchester now has the largest multi-operator ticketing scheme in the UK, outside London, with get me there the only smart ticketing option offering local bus passengers the ability to switch between different bus companies as a part of their journey.

The latest figures produced by Greater Manchester Travelcards Ltd (GMTL), which manages multi-operator and combined bus and tram ticketing in Greater Manchester, show that get me there now accounts for almost nine out of ten 28-day or 7-day tickets.

More than 10,000 get me there smart cards are being used each week across Greater Manchester, accounting for thousands more individual trips each day.

Councillor Andrew Fender, Chairman of the Transport for Greater Manchester Committee, said: “We knew passengers were ready to embrace smarter travel solutions and after just a year of get me there we can see how popular it’s been.

“This wouldn’t have happened without TfGM actively supporting GMTL and the bus operators, including financial assistance, in ensuring a consistent offer was provided for all bus passengers across Greater Manchester.

“We know passengers want even smarter solutions, adding convenience, flexibility and value, and TfGM is working hard to deliver that, alongside GMTL.

“By the end of next year, passengers can expect to see get me there rolled out further to include combined bus and tram tickets.”

Transport for Greater Manchester’s plan for smart ticketing during 2017 also includes more places and ways to buy get me there products.

Trevor Roberts, Chair of GMTL, said: “We are delighted that so many of our customers have converted to the smart ticketing option. Without the contribution of TfGM and the positive approach of all partners this giant step forward would not have been possible.

“Whilst celebrating the successful first year of smart, GMTL is continuing to push forward with plans for the conversion of other products, including multimodal, and more accessible ways of obtaining smart products whilst looking at the options to withdraw existing paper ones.”

The get me there mobile ticketing app for Metrolink has also proved a big hit with tram passengers and now accounts for around 20,000 journeys a day, making up almost one-tenth of all adult ticket sales.

TfGM’s plan for further ahead includes introducing smarter contactless travel where passengers can use their bank card to touch in and touch out.

They also plan to introduce smart capping where get me there automatically works out the best value fare for passengers who make several journeys, regardless of whether you have bought a travelcard in advance.

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  • Frank Evans
    November 10, 2016, 3:08 pm

    This is a great step forward, however within a roughly two mile radius of M/cr centre, the sale of the Paypoint type pass remains high. It is well known within the industry that these urban decaying third world areas have questionable newsagents that sell monthly fake System One bus only savers for ( usually ) £10 for a months travel with usually people of sub-Saharan African descent. One cannot blame these people buying the passes : why buy a Smartcard pass that cannot be exploited when sales of the old but still in existence System One allows unscrupulous vendors in ‘ropey’ shops to sell fake £10 bargain passes for a month in REAL laminates ( same as supplied to TfGM Travelshops ) to these poor African people who are being exploited , yet thankfully are never caught as there are no Revenue Protection Inspectors on the bus network ? All these people with the fake System Ones are taking up space on buses but not paying, rather lining the pockets of the shop based sellers of these fakes ? TfGM even KNOW which shops sell the fakes, but hey, jut ignore it and hope that it will ‘sort itself out’. Cannot upset the poor people that Tony Blair brought in from the 3rd world. To reiterate, paper based systems are ALWAYS and historically, simple to defeat.